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Tampa Tribune: Dr. William Choisser: Protecting Patients

As a family physician I have witnessed the hardships fail-first protocols can cause patients, making it almost impossible for them to gain access to medication that is critical to their health and putting them at risk for hospitalization and even death. Although medications may be in the same “class,” they do not behave the same way for all individuals. To offer only one or two choices when there may be 10 medications is wrong and a disservice to people who require an alternative.

Physicians should not spend excessive amounts of time on administrative tasks when they could be working with their patients to ensure they are able to provide the most appropriate therapy for those in need. Patients and physicians should work together to determine the best course of treatment without insurance companies’ interruption.

Our state legislators have the opportunity to support legislation designed to address problems with the inappropriate use of fail-first protocols that force patients to fail on a less-effective therapy. Many other states have already enacted similar legislation to protect patients, and it is time for Florida to do the same.

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