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Patients Need the Right Medicine at the Right Time

Healthcare professionals have the expertise to know what is best for patients and must have access to a full range of therapeutic options to use as they see fit for their patients. They should not have to jump through burdensome bureaucratic hoops to secure the most appropriate therapy. Ultimately, healthcare professionals, not bureaucrats, should make the determination of the best course of treatment and medications for a patient. We need to ensure Florida’s patients are receiving the right medicine at the right time.


Charlean Lanier of NAMI Florida Discusses Her Difficulty With Prior Authorization Processes

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On behalf of Florida’s most vulnerable citizens, we are seeking legislative action to address concerns in the areas of:

  • streamlining step therapy and fail first protocols;
  • simplified prior authorization;
  • protection against discriminatory plan designs;
  • providing continuity of care for stable patients;
  • and, offering an appeals process for medical exceptions.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Patient Access for Florida campaign:


Patient Access for Florida unites organizations committed to public policy to strengthen patient protections and appeals processes, specifically in the areas of streamlining step therapy and fail first protocols, simplified prior authorization, protection against discriminatory plan designs, providing continuity of care for stable patients, and offering an appeals process for medical exceptions. The coalition unites all types of stakeholders—patient, healthcare professionals, and business organizations—to ensure a unified strategy to address these issues.


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