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Naples Daily News: Letter: Parkinson's

I am writing both as a patient, care partner and leader in my community for those living with Parkinson's Disease in Southwest Florida. My wife and I have been living with Parkinson's, her for over 16 years and me 19.

During that time, we have reached out to and met with thousands of people who struggle with quality of life and dignity. We have joined with organizations like Michael J. Fox Foundation, Parkinson's Action Network, National Parkinson Foundation, Parkinson Disease Foundation and others to raise awareness and to support national research. Our efforts include local and nationwide campaigns and fundraisers, educational conferences and personal counseling. These events take place all across the nation and through webinars.

We also engage our elected state and federal legislators, suggesting public policies that provide better patient access to doctors, specialists and other medical professionals as well as prescription medication and for removing the barriers to that access. We call upon our elected officials to remove those obstacles and to support patient positive legislation that is fair to all disease groups, not just Parkinson's.

Parkinson's is a chronic, progressive, neurological illness that affects balance, memory, clarity of thought, speech and swallowing and other bodily systems. It is estimated that one million people are affected, with 60,000 new cases a year.

Unfortunately there is no cure. By supporting the efforts of Patient Access for Florida that is working to provide better access to quality care and prescription drugs, we can see a better quality of life and easier access to the medication we require.

We urge you to tell elected officials to support Patient Access for Florida to ensure Florida's patients receive the right medicine at the right time. For more information on Patient Access for Florida, visit

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